Over the following ten years, Tecnica expanded its business, producing ski boots and creating the first Moon Boot®, that became an icon of the twentieth century, with more than 25 million pairs sold.

In 1985 Tecnica entered the outdoor footwear market, soon becoming one of its main players, also through the purchase, in 1993, of Lowa, a leading brand in Germany and all over Europe.

In 2002, the acquisition of another top brand of winter sports equipment, Nordica, made Tecnica Group the first world producer of ski boots.

In 2003, the product range was extended with the arrival of Rollerblade, the first manufacturer in the world of inline skates and the sector’s leading brand (enough to give its name to an entire sport).

The latest arrival in 2006 is the Austrian brand Blizzard – a historic trademark in the world of skiing – that has strengthened Tecnica Group’s international leadership in the field.

The Group’s Chairman is Alberto Zanatta, son of the founder Giancarlo, who is still a Board member.
Antonio Dus is the CEO.

Group History Timeline

  1. 1960

    Since the 1970’s Tecnica is one of the most advanced companies in the skiboot market

  2. 1969

    Tecnica launches Moon Boot. Since the very beginning, Moon Boot becomes a sensational success all over the world. After more than 50 years Moon Boot is one of the 100 most significant symbols of 20th Century story of design, with more than 25 milion pair sold.

  3. 1970s

    In 1970 Tecnica presents Tecnus, the first skiboot realized using the bi-injection technology.

  4. 1985

    Tecnica diversifies its production, becoming in a short time one of the important brands in the outdoor market.Today Tecnica Group, with all its brands, is the biggest european producer of outdoor shoes.

  5. 1993

    Tecnica Group takes over Lowa, the most prestigious German company in the outdoor footwear market. For the first time, an Italian company acquires a top-level German company in this field.

  6. 2002

    Tecnica Group takes over Nordica, the premium ski brand, thus becoming the first world’s skiboot manufacturer and entering its first ski production

  7. 2003

    Tecnica Group takes over Rollerblade,the most important in-line skates brand, inventor of the category and worldwide synonymous of the whole sport for millions of fans.

  8. 2006

    Tecnica Group acquires Blizzard, the historic Austrian ski brand, strengthening the leadership in the international wintersports market.