1. to be in good health and be aware of the risks associated with the ski test activity, to have verified the degree of difficulty of the ski routes and slopes before starting the test, and confirm their physical fitness in relation to said difficulty;

  2. to exempt TECNICA GROUP S.P.A. from any civil or criminal liability relating to and consequent to, the verification of the aforementioned physical suitability;

  3. that it will be its own responsibility and obligation to check that the adjustment of materials and equipment is carried out by personnel appointed by TECNICA GROUP S.P.A. authorised to carry out the safety verification. The undersigned commits to reporting any anomalies they may encounter before, during or following the test;

  4. to act in accordance with the principles of loyalty and fairness in sport, not to engage in behaviour contrary to the law or due diligence, which could endanger one’s own safety or the safety of others under any circumstances;

  5. to take full responsibility for any and all damage caused to themselves, other people and/or things during the test and to immediately report any accidents to the personnel appointed by TECNICA GROUP S.p.A., exempting and freeing TECNICA GROUP S.P.A. from any liability relating to the risk of accidents during the test, without prejudice to the provisions of the mandatory applications of law, as well as the risk of loss of personal effects for any reason, also holding TECNICA GROUP S.P.A. harmless from any possible request for compensation for damages that may be raised against you for damage to property and/or people;

  6. to indemnify and hold harmless – also on behalf of its heirs and/or assignees – TECNICA GROUP S.P.A., from any claim made for any reason by third parties and from any liability that may arise as a consequence of conduct during and due to the activities carried out during the ski test;

  7. to return the materials and equipment delivered for the test execution to TECNICA GROUP S.P.A., at the end of the test;

  8. to expressly recognise that the products are used for snow testing purposes and, for this reason, are granted for use to multiple customers with different skiing abilities;

  9. to have carefully read and evaluated the contents of this document and to have clearly understood the meaning of every single point before signing it. The undersigned understands and agrees that these rules are established for their own safety and that failure to comply with them may place them and third parties in a dangerous situation.

This authorization is granted freely and independently, without conditions or reservations and completely free of charge.