What makes
a simple product
an icon?

It's not just about top level craftsmanship and intelligence applied to raw materials: this happens for every product we bring to the market.
What lets them make a step ahead in history is not only a forward-thinking technology or a peculiar style. It's your love for them, which makes them live and be remembered in popular culture throughout the years.







Alpine ski legend Franz Klammer signed with victory the first releases of this legendary model, which was, at the beginning of the Eighties, one step ahead in the market, for its technological features allowing different reactions upon snow and weather conditions. A true sum-up of virtues and skills of our Ski Excellence Center, focusing on the highest level product research and development since long time.
A multi­talent that became a cult shoe. Even after more than two decades of proven use, this classic version of multi­func­tional hiking boots still has a fresh look about it and offers the very best in walking and wearing comfort.
More than 50 years after its birth from the brilliant intuition of Mr. Giancarlo Zanatta, Moon Boot is one of the greatest successes of footwear industry. Since the early 70s, the original Moon Boot represents a symbol of irony, fashion and design.
Dark, essential, aggressive. The Dobermann first appeared at the end of the 90s, while colors and bulking tech where blooming all around, to make history as one of the most winning ski boots ever in the Alpine world. A legend that still lives in its latest developments, all-black and ready to bite just like the forefather.
Coyote has been the first 3WD off-road inline skate, back in 1997. A futurible, hypertechnological model that adopted some key features way before the market, and was already representing the brand mission: to move freely on wheels, everywhere.
The first bi-injected plastic ski boot represents the goal of every effort of the Tecnica brand: innovation.
This game changer led the process of development of the hottest technological proposals by Mr. Zanatta's team, an award-winning trend already happening, in ski boots and footwear.